Arizona Trail Maps

I have a definitive interest in the art and science of maps. A result of this is that I tend to take a GPS with me whenever I go out on the trail, and subsequently use the generated tracks to create maps of the trails I ride. It seemed like it might be a reasonable idea to share this resource with the riding community here in Arizona. So.... as I create maps for the trail systems I ride, I will post them in the menus to either side of this column. If the links are active, then there should be a map there. If the link is inactive, that trail system is still on my to do list.

I hope that the maps are helpful, but keep in mind that I am NOT a professional cartographer and there may well be significant inaccuracies in these of which I am not aware. I will always endeavor to post the most accurate map possible, but I do not recommend relying on these as a sole source of navigation.

Ok, the standard disclaimer is out of the way, so please enjoy the maps.

Phoenix Area Maps

  • South Mountain Park
  • Hawes Trail System
  • Estrella Mountain Park
  • McDowell Mountain Park
  • Usury Mountain Park

  • Flagstaff Area

  • Schultz Creek
  • Sedona Area

  • Coffee Pot